Why Labrador Welpen are the best family dogs

Are you thinking of getting a dog for your family? Is your child constantly begging you to let them have their own pet? Are you looking for a pet companion? Then perhaps consider getting a Labrador welpen.

Labrador welpen is a particular breed of dog originated from Newfoundland, Canada and has made its way to nearly every part of the world.  In fact, the Labrador is the most popular breed of dog in America, the UK and Australia.

Originally bred as water dogs, they were good with retrievals and were used by the Newfoundland fishermen to retrieve the fish that had fallen off the hooks. They were also used to help haul in fishing lines. They were then imported to England, where they were largely bred as hunting dogs retrieving game for their owners.

In modern times, Labradors have been making an impact in society by being therapy dogs. They have been instrumental in assisting patients going thru physical therapy as well as patients who have been diagnosed with autism. They are also ideal sight dogs.


Labradors welpen are intelligent and are easy to train. Those employed as part of a canine unit are trained in counterfeit detection, illegal drugs detection and explosives detection.

Getting a Labrador welpen, or Labrador puppy, can be an exciting activity for you and your child. Not only will the process of choosing from the different pups that you see be exciting but you as a parent will be able to instill in your child a sense of responsibility.  Training your family pet will, in essence, train your child to be thoughtful and caring towards others.

This kid-friendly breed thrives on the outdoors. They require no less than two hours a day of running free out in the open. They tend to eat a lot and get overweight if they are unable to exercise.


This is perfect for establishing a love for the outdoors in your child. Labradors can swim with them or go running or even just to play fetch.  Their boundless energy will match well with your child’s healthy curiosity about their surroundings. Their playfulness will also spell out hours and hours of fun for you and your children.

As they both grow together, your child and your Labrador welpen will have a bond that will be priceless. Essentially, they will be each other’s best friend.

As a companion, the Labrador welpen will be a good sound-off board as the dog can detect moods and will definitely be there to coax you or your child into a better mood.

They are loyal to their owners and because of their largely docile nature and even temperament, they are still the top choice for dog-lovers everywhere.