10 Simple Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries

People who engage in sporting activities train hard to achieve their goals. The hard work includes pushing beyond limits especially for those involved in competitive sports. Overworking makes them more susceptible to injuries due to the intense activity.
Injuries can cause a major setback as they take longer to heal, thus forcing them to take long breaks off active participation in their respective sports. As much as accidents are unavoidable, there are basic ways overlooked but help avoid sports injuries.

10. Start with Warm-up Exercises

Warm up exercises help loosen and make them flexible

Injuries occur when one strains muscles, especially when they are tense and tight. Warm up exercises help loosen and make them flexible. They include static exercises such as stretching and dynamic ones such as jogging or jumping.
They warm up the body by increasing the heart rate to circulate blood to the muscles engaged in playing. Do not rush into it but start slowly then built up the speed. Also, one should not exceed 10 minutes to conserve energy for the main sport.