Top 13 Weirdest Deaths

Life is not fair because of the cruel fact that you don’t have the slightest chance of getting out alive. This final tragic part of life is present since the beginning of humanity but the difference makes the way you go. While some prefer to leave this world peacefully, others want to go with a bang. Either way, we are completely certain that these 13 people never wanted their deaths to happen this way. Here is the list of the weirdest deaths you can imagine.

#13 Clement Vallandigham

Clement Vallandingham

Clement was a US lawyer back in the 19th century. And a good one, apparently, because he ended giving up his life to win a case. Vallandigham shot himself in a trial, defending a murder suspect. He was trying to prove the innocence of his client by demonstrating that the supposed victim could have accidentally shot himself dead when – he accidentally shot himself dead. The irony is – it worked and his client was freed.