Top 13 Hollywood Celebrity Breakups

When you’re a celebrity, you have some privileges. You can enjoy all the blessings that come with popularity, such as wearing glamorous dresses and posing for the magazines, but you are definitely not immune to all the stuff normal people go through. One of the prettiest experiences that can turn into a nightmare are love relationships. And although breakups are normal, sometimes you just don’t expect two people to drift apart. Here is the list of top 13 Hollywood celebrity breakups of all time.

#13 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Considering the history JLo had when it comes to marriages this wouldn’t strike you as a surprise. However, all of us who have watched Bennifer in her music video ‘Jenny from the block’ were certainly left disappointed following the news that the couple is not together anymore. At least nobody can take us away that scene on the yacht.