Top 10 World’s Most Vicious Rulers in History

They say – if you want to see true nature of a man, give him power. Unfortunately, sometimes great power finishes in the hands of people who don’t deserve it.

Who is the most vicious rulers in human’s history? Is he Napoleon Bonaparte who kill thousands of people? Is he George W. Bush who misused his power and provoke war between several countries? Is he Idi Amin who deposed his opponent in politics and became another tyrant in his country? Is he Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin under whose regime millions of people lost their lives?

Being a ruler is not an easy job, and no one is perfect. Some withstood the test of time, but some were remembered for their atrocity towards people. It is an interesting lesson to review their behavior in history and study their mindsets. As time passes by, humans have worked out new political systems for election and tried very hard preventing such people from controlling the power of the nation.

Who, do you think, will be the next vicious ruler in future? It is a era of peace, so it may not be someone who actually provoke wars or kill thousands of people, but someone who understand how to manipulate people’s mind through mass media and influence millions of people’s lives through public policy under his “goodwill”. For example, Obama’s media

Anyway, here’s the list of top 10 world’s most vicious rulers in history, leaders who tortured and killed many of their own people and did whatever they pleased.

#10 Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

Mugabe was elected as the president of Zimbabwe in 1987, and those elections might have been the only one he won fair and square. He is known for rigging two elections during his helm and staying on his position in spite of popular demand to step down. Mugabe doesn’t care about human rights and for him, it is a normal thing to torture people who are opposing him. He is also known for putting muzzles over journalists to send a message that they should keep quiet, as well as torturing a huge number of people he labelled as trouble-makers.



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9 thoughts on “Top 10 World’s Most Vicious Rulers in History”

  1. The omission of China’s Mao Tse-tung (60 million killed) and the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin (over 22 million killed) totally destroys the credibility of this list.

  2. For Example: Obama’s media? You are a sick twit. Trump is on a fast pace to killing millions with his healthcare and his tweets.

  3. You are kidding, Bush was a leader from a democratic country.
    He shouldn’t be on this list.
    The one who made this list should learn his history better.

  4. There is some question concerning Hitler actually dying as there was never any corroboration of his death other than hearsay. There is much evidence he was seen escaping through a monastery in Spain (eyewitness corroborration he was seen there) and that he made his way to Argentina by U-Boat, whilst making connections there to try to accumulate weapons to start over. There are also U.S. intelligence files tracking his movements. Also, interviews with Nazi officials at the Nuremburg trials told the court they got the idea of Eugenics from the Americans as there was a strong Eugenics movement through the 1930’s in the U.S. especially among the wealthy U.S. bankers who gave money to Germany at that time.


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