Top 10 Reasons Earth Is Flat

Technology has reached an advanced level and science has been able to offer us evidence that the Earth is round (or if you want a precise term – an oblate spheroid). However, even today you have people ready to believe the claims that we thought were gone during the Middle Ages. These guys are convinced that the Earth is flat, despite all the satellite images and other things that claim otherwise. Here are the top 10 reasons why to believe their theory.

#10 Satellite Images Are Fake

Satellite Images Are Fake


The flat Earth theorists don’t actually have any evidence to support their own theory, unlike their counterparts (that is, normal people). However, they are prepared not to accept all the images and other materials coming from satellites. It doesn’t matter that William Anders got the picture of the Earthrise from the Moon itself in 1968, which clearly shows that the Earth is round and moving. All those photos are not worth anything, claim the flat-Earthers, simply because they are faked.



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13 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Earth Is Flat”

  1. Well NASA tells us it’s round they also say they went to the he moon and these pictures of earth the ones that were put in our classrooms ,they are composite pictures not real ones as they claimed

  2. I looked into the evidence from both sides, after all, it shouldn’t be too difficult to debunk those “flat earth idiots”.
    The only problem is that the flat earth fanatics did use common sense and science and now I am one of them!

  3. In the oldest book of the Bible, Job described the earth as “An orb suspended upon nothing”. I don’t believe that he learned that from NASA. There have always been intelligent people who believed it to be a sphere.

  4. I f you don’t believe in the force of gravity and a few other laws of basic physics I suppose it’s possible.


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