Top 10 Most Gorgeous and Mesmerizing Female Politicians

#4 Ruby Dhalla

Ruby Dhalla

Ruby Dhalla is a 34 year old gorgeous and stunning Canadian legislator of Indian race. She is an individual from the Liberal party, a powerful party of Canadian governmental state. She has since quite a while ago attempted to have any kind of effects in the political arena. In 1984 when a few Sikhs were shot by Indian fighters at Punjab’s Golden Temple, a 10 year old Ruby kept in touch with India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi requesting the brutality to end. Gandhi by and by reacted to the letter and cited it at an ensuing question and answer session.


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  1. The most beautiful female politicians are Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Barbara Bachman which you didn’t include.

    • You SJWs got nothing better to do than accuse anyone that is not sharing the same opinions as you, of Fascism?! This is seriously getting old.

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