Top 10 Most Gorgeous and Mesmerizing Female Politicians

#5 Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva is most popular for her profession in gymnatic. She is Russia’s best female gymnast to date and has won eighteen World title awards, two Olympic Medals and twenty five European Championship decorations. After that, Alina Kabaeva transformed into a government official. Since 2007, she has been a State Duma representative from the United Russia party. This Russian excellence was a best cadenced athlete. She is additionally a standout amongst the most embellished gymnasts in the historical backdrop of cadenced. In 2007 in the wake of resigning from Gymnastics, Alina turned into an individual from the Russian parliament, speaking to the genius Kremlin United Russia party. Not long ago it was supposed that Former Russian President and Current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was to leave his better half and wed Alina Kabaeva. Both confirmed that the news was just a gossip and there is no reality behind the news. Alina Kabaeva is best known for her amazing adaptability – a great quality for a government official.


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  1. The most beautiful female politicians are Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Barbara Bachman which you didn’t include.

    • You SJWs got nothing better to do than accuse anyone that is not sharing the same opinions as you, of Fascism?! This is seriously getting old.

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