Top 10 Dangerous Physical Symptoms You Must Know

There are indicators all over your body that you can use to determine if things are not okay with your health. They occur as physical symptoms that you need to understand and pay attention to. The body is vastly interconnected and symptoms in one part could be a sign of an emerging problem in another part of the body.

Different diseases or conditions would manifest very early as aches, pains, distortion of the senses or even swelling in specific regions. Certain symptoms could indicate serious health conditions and you cannot afford to ignore them. Spot them early and share them with your physician. The following are the top 10 dangerous physical symptoms you must know.

10. Hearing LossĀ 

one symptom of diabetes is hearing loss

Hearing as a sense is accomplished through a network of nerves in your ears that are intertwined with many tiny blood vessels to nourish them. It is a delicate sense and can be affected by atmospheric pressure, body temperature and even intoxication.

Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels. If this level is not managed it could lead to the damage of delicate blood vessels in your body. A study by mayo clinic showed that prolonged and uncontrolled levels of sugar in the blood weakens the walls of capillaries that supply oxygen and nutrients to the nerves and muscles. This could ultimately cause hearing loss among many other problems. Hearing loss is, therefore, a great indicator of diabetes that has not been diagnosed yet.