Those Who Live To 100 Have These 10 Things In Common

The human lifespan is currently at 79 years and it’s only the lucky ones who get past that figure. The rest of the unfortunate ones die mostly of disease and accidents. It is the dream of everyone alive to live to 100 years, to blow 100 candles and watch their children and grandchild grow old and get married.

There are so many events in life that you should not miss. So how do you ensure that you make it to 100 years? First and foremost, you should take good care of your physical and mental health. Those who live to 100 have these 10 things in common. Check them out.

10. Set A Goal For Yourself

set a goal for your life

Goal setting is important for you to live a longer healthier life because it gives you a sense of purpose. This works in two ways, it keeps you disciplined enough to pursue the goals you set your eyes on and you are less likely to live a reckless and abandoned life. We have seen people run over by cars simply because they were crossing the road drunk. Well if you have a goal set for yourself, you won’t be out late, much less binge drinking. Setting goals also ensure that you take care of your health. You will eat right, exercise and sleep just enough so that your body and mind are working optimally to propel you to your goals. With good physical and mental health, you are likely to live longer.