The Top 10 Factors That Could Lead To Cancer, Beware!

Cancer is a wide variety of abnormal growth diseases that occur due to the rapid multiplication of cancerous cells in the body. This leads to life-threatening tumors that spread and hamper normal body functions. Cancer is a huge cause of concern because there has been a sudden rise in cases of it in the past decade.

Many cancers and cancer-associated deaths are recorded per day. To stay cancer-free, you have to be well informed on the factors that lead to it. From poor lifestyle and diet to lack of exercise, radiation and viral infections these are the top 10 factors that could lead to cancer.

10. Genetic Factors

This genetic mutation can be passed down to your children

All cancers are caused by damaged genes that change, a phenomenon known as mutation, before they begin to multiply rapidly. This genetic mutation can be passed down to your children and that puts them at a higher likelihood of developing cancers themselves.

Therefore you can get cancer due to inherited mutations in your genes. This is known as inherited cancer. The only way to know if you are at risk of certain inherited cancers is by looking into members of your family to your grandparents and great grandparents. If any of them had, for instance, liver cancer or lung cancer, you may be at risk of developing those cancers later in life.