The 10 Best Natural Foods And Drinks To Boost Your Immune System Against Coronavirus

Coronaviruses occur mostly in animals and rarely do they cross over to humans. However, when they do, they could be devastating to entire populations. A case in point is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with a rising death toll in all countries across the globe.

Social distancing and sanitizing your hands often could keep the virus away. These measures are not enough though. The coronavirus has been shown to greatly affect people with weakened or not fully developed immune systems. You need to boost your immune system to fight the virus just in case you come into contact with it. So here are the 10 best natural foods and drinks to take to boost your immune system against coronavirus.

10. Tea

There is mounting evidence that tea, especially green such as chamomile and mint tea help to strengthen the immune system. Tea has powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body hence maintaining the structure and integrity of cells to ensure that they function properly. One of these cells optimized by antioxidants is, of course, the white blood cells that help fight germs in the course of an infection.

Tea also maintains the balance of bacteria in the gut which affects digestion and metabolism. A poor balance of gut bacteria would lead to low energy levels and a weakened immune response due to poor digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Drink more tea today to protect yourself from coronavirus, a cup a day keeps the doctors away!