10 Simple Stretching Exercises Which Prevent You from Stiff Shoulders

It is very important to regularly stretch your shoulders to loosen stiff muscles and strengthen muscles. Muscle stiffness and specifically on the shoulders, causes pain and, muscle tension and fatigue. Release of tension on the muscles helps improve your body wellness in general. These stretches helps increase flexibility, prevent injury and extend the range of motion.


Stiff shoulders can be caused by various factors with age included. Most of the daily movements causes you to bend forward. This causes the neck, shoulder and back muscles to strain. Additionally, other normal activities like seating for long periods, texting and lifting heavy loads may create stiffness in your shoulders. Poor posture, weak muscles as well as improper alignment in your body may cause stiff shoulders. In other cases, injury or chronic stress or underlying illnesses like lupus, gout, arthritis and Lyme disease may cause shoulder stiffness.

Below are some 10 simple stretching exercises that you can do to prevent stiff shoulder

10. Cow-face pose

Straighten your right arm up and then bend the elbow to let the hand fall behind your head

Straighten your right arm up and then bend the elbow to let the hand fall behind your head. Straighten the left arm downwards and bend the elbow up, letting your left backside of the arm rest on the right shoulder blade or as close as possible to the blade. Reach to grab right fingertips with the left hand. Hold the pose for 1 minute. Repeat on the other side. Make it easier by using a towel if you cannot reach fingertips of the opposite hand. Create a slight tension by gently pulling the towel in opposite directions.