10 So Called Healthy Food Which Are In Fact Not Healthy

There is so much that comes with the advertisers and marketers concerning what is labelled and termed as “healthy foods” and what is not. This causes confusion and leads to individuals buying the labels instead of the legit product. When going to purchase your products be keen on what you are buying. Check the composition of the packed or tinned foods. Smelling some of the items may actually help you know what is and what is not what you intended to buy.

10. coffee

The caffeine in coffee increases the catecholamine

As much as some people enjoy coffee and its stimulation benefits, well it is equally important that you know the downside of it as well. The caffeine in coffee increases the catecholamine (stress hormone). These hormone in turn increases insulin and insulin increases inflammation making you feel lousy. On the other side, getting used to it reduces insulin sensitivity. This causes the cells not to respond to blood sugar appropriately. High blood sugar levels causes artery deterioration causing cardiovascular disease. This can be fatal.