Samsung Galaxy Note 6: An Innovation to the World

Even before the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been available in the market, talks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 are making the rounds. What are the features that we could possibly expect from this upcoming innovation to the world?

The Note 6 is said to have a 16-core processor. With reportedly an Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0), your Android OS will help you manage your apps permissions better and help you extend your battery life. This phone may also give you more storage space as it is said to have upwards of 64 GB internal memory. Some speculations even put it at 256 GB of internal memory.

You may be looking at an auto-focus, 30 MP primary camera with a 16 MP front camera. The rumored flexible or foldable display will have with it a 4k resolution for better and clearer readability. One of the best things that we can expect is something called the fast-charging technology. This will mean a shorter time for your battery to reach its full charge. As with all other Samsung Galaxy Notes, the Note 6 will come with a stylus pen. It will be perfect to use on a phone with the screen of a tablet. We can expect a 6” to 6.2” display.


With all of these specifications, you can bet that the Note 6 is designed for high-end, multi-tasking, on-the-go people. But what exactly do all these fancy words mean? Allow us to break it down for you.

In today’s world where everyone is in a rush and all things can be done with the click of a button, the Note 6 will be a reliable smartphone for you to have. With its high level processor, otherwise known as the computer in your smartphone, you can process multiple tasks at once without sacrificing speed. You can expect to be able to do multiple tasks just with a few clicks of a button. Example, if there is a file that you wish to unzip from your email and choose to watch YouTube videos while replying to messages, all these processes may be done quickly since there will technically be 16 tiny CPUs to make all these things possible. As an added bonus, the Android OS that comes with the Note 6 will be able to stop apps that are running in the background which spells out a longer battery life.


With more battery life, expect to take more selfies and pictures. Because of the high resolution of the Note 6’s primary and front camera, your pictures will come out clearer. But should your battery reach its re-charging point, don’t worry because the fast-charging technology will allow the battery to recharge in a shorter period of time. It will take only a moment before you are reunited with your masterpiece of a device.

Expect the Note 6 to be available towards the third quarter of this year. Of course, because of its superior features, this unit will not be cheap. You still have a few months to save for it, though.