Receding Hairline and its Prevention Methods

Receding hairline has been a common men’s problem for decades. Men have suffered from their hairline pushing back to with a fear of possible baldness. If not taken care of properly, this issue will surely lead to lack of self-esteem. Since this comes with age, it is said that around 85% of men will suffer from thinning hair by the age of fifty. In some cases, due to genetic reasons and possible lack of care, this can occur much earlier. The causes of receding hairlines may also include diet, stress, and excessive use of chemical products. Talk about receding confidence.

Receding Hairline Problems

Receding Hairline Problems

The causes previously mentioned are major in their role of receding hairline problems, but highly preventable. Stress is the major factor that leads to around 40% of the problem in men. To manage this, one must also manage his stress levels by setting relaxation to be the top priority. Diet and nutrition are the second leading cause. It is vital to keep the body health to maintain the health of one’s hair. Adding nutritious foods with various vitamins and protein is key. As for the third cause, chemical products that contribute to the loss of one’s hair, it is highly suggested to consult a licensed beautician, or to avoid chemical hair treatment altogether. As it may be dangerous for the hair follicles, the natural way is the best way to go. The fourth cause, genetics, is not in one’s control, but can be managed to one’s satisfaction by the proper prescribed medications. Visiting a dermatologist is highly advised. These causes, when managed to the backwards effect, results in the answer as to why some men don’t suffer from hair loss. Managing stress, diet, chemical product consumption, and genetics, are the core of managing one’s hair’s well-being. And confidence, of course, is a plus.

Receding Hairline Prevention

Receding Hairline Prevention

Now that the prevention methods are covered, here are some receding hairline hairstyles that will surely lift your self-esteem and confidence levels. It is necessary to note that the tight pulling back of hair and binding of it for long periods of time is to be avoided, for it will result in a receding hairline. Keeping one’s hair long is also another aspect to be avoided. Variety in hairstyles is key to maintaining a healthy head. Shifting the hair from one side part to another every now adds flexibility and decreases the chances of developing hair loss in a certain area. The Buzz Cut, and the Clean Shave look are great in this case. Avoid combovers, by all means. Styling your hair plays an essential role in keeping it around, therefore, one must style it wisely.

Receding Hairline Care

Receding hairline are a common, yet preventable problem when the right measures are taken. Providing your hair with the proper care it needs by managing the causes and abiding to what to avoid will surely offer satisfactory results. With the proper care and nurture, one can prevent this problem from expanding, and possibly reversing its signs. Also, the hairstyles offer a boost of confidence until then.


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