Mens Hairstyles: Short and Long Haircuts Fashion Trend

I think it’s about time that we should discuss fashionable Mens Hairstyles for both long and short hair. Women are always receiving praise over cuts and styles and I believe men are due to some of the glory also. Let’s run through a few for each hair length. There’s also tips listed for most styles. It’s time the men are in the spotlight a bit!

braided mens hairstyles

One of the most popular hair styles for men right now are braided rows. With so many possibilities the outcomes are endless. Something new is always coming about with this particular technique. From swirls to snake like rows, these braids are sure to turn heads in any social situation and are convenient for everyday wear. Many stars are sporting designer braided mens hairstyles, even on the red carpet. Low maintenance and a crowd favorite. A new favorite and becoming popular is the shoulder length side part. Instead of just the messy long mane, the style is swept to the side to give a flair of maturity and composure. As a fast growing mens hairstyles this is sure to be a favorite among men with long hair and a simple concept. To keep the side part from coming out of place use a bit of movable hair gel and forget about it and show of this modern style with ease.

Shaggy messy braid mens hairstyles

Looking for Mens Hairstyles

Looking for a mens hairstyle that’s a bit different? The shaggy, messy with single side braid might be just what you need. A messy look of long flowing hair with a small single braid to one side. Although braids in mens hairstyles are popular this isn’t seen quite as often and may give you a bit of an edge when out and about. It’s easy to do and maintain also. Just brush hair, shag it with hands (can apply movable hair gel if desired) and put a small braid near the front of your hair to the side slightly. Another great mens hairstyle for long hair is the side-and-back swept mane. Just wash and dry your hair. Apply your favorite hair product to hold it in position and run your fingers through it casually. Make sure to put the main portion to one side to make the side part. This creates a modern side swept mens hairstyle without much effort. This works great for men with thicker hair. No need to comb hair with this style either.

long mens hairstyles

A more modern mens hairstyle is the mens fish tale. Traditionally a woman’s hair style, but no longer. Men around the world are sporting these chic and easy to do braids. As a man, something quick and low maintenance is always a favorite and one this easy will be a major go to in the near future as it grows more popular with time. Rock it like a rock star man and be proud of the look you are wearing because it’s becoming very trendy in today’s mens hairstyles. A classic in my opinion and to me it will always be so. The sleek low ponytail. Worn low at the base of the neck this holds mens long hair in place with style that will never end. This mens hairstyle has been around many decades. Even centuries. Older movie stars support the low sleep ponytail on screen in many movies and it’s still very much in fashion today. Wear your low sleek pony with pride fellas.

shoulder length highlights mens hairstyles

Long hair Mens Hairstyles

The mens hairstyle for long hair referred to as symmetry and freedom is by far one of my personal favorites. The style is cut in one length to hang to the shoulders and loosely parted in the middle. Brush and go! This mens hairstyle looks great in brighter hues like blonde and light brown with highlights. Very simple and appropriate for any occasion, casual or classy. This long hair do is one of the classic from the rocker phase as I like to refer to it. A must to keep around for the up and coming generations. Next, we have breezy and sun-kissed and oh what a look. As far as mens hairstyles go for long hair I can’t think of a better, more attractive look. Kid rock wears his hair very similar to this style. Layered into long layers with golden highlights, this long hair style is one that will have hearts racing and men running to salons to get the new in do.long shiny mens hairstyles

The next long mens hairstyle is the long surfer. It has a wet look with shine with a curly texture to make it even more eye catching and obviously a favorite during the summer season. Most men use a curl enhancer, but if you already have naturally wavy hair this won’t be necessary. Just spritz with shine and enjoy the waves. This mens hairstyle for long hair reminds me of none other than the band Hanson. If you don’t know who they are I apologize for being old and bringing my ancient memories into your reading! This thin, straight and ultra-shiny hairstyle is what caught millions of hearts in the early 90’s and seems to still be holding strong in 2016. All this mens hairstyle requires is normal, proper hair care and maintenance. Brush and go!

dread mens hairstyles

Neat dreads… Need I say more? Maybe not, but I am going to enlighten you just a bit more on this extremely popular mens hairstyle. Men with long hair love this style and wear it to make a statement about a carefree life style and to express the personal style of the individual. Many men with long hair have neat dreads today. Rappers to store cashiers. I love the look and think most, when maintained well, pull the look off effortlessly. This mens hairstyle for long hair brings to mind Johnny Depp in “The Secret Window”. A very sexy look on the right man. This cut for long hair is very flattering to men whom have a more oval or heart-shaped face. This puts more of a masculine look to the guys face and keeping him from appearing to soft, so to say.

short haircuts mens hairstyles

Short mens Haircuts

Now, let’s talk short hair a bit. More often mens hairstyles are of the shorter variety and have been for quite some time now. We are going to run through a few of the most popular ones and give you a few tips on choosing which cut is for you personally. There’s nothing, in my opinion, worse than a bad haircut fashion wise!

Army short haircuts mens hairstyles

High and tight mens hairstyles are some of the most common cuts of all time. In the military these are required, among other governmental foundations. World-wide these cuts continue to be favorites because of the extremely low maintenance and ease they bring to the person. A variety of different styles can be chosen from for this particular cut. Designs can also be etched into the sides to give these short hair-cuts more style and individuality.

Quiff short haircuts mens hairstyles

The short mens hairstyle called the Quiff is a newer style attracting lots of attention with models and younger men. It combines the Pompadour, the flat-top and the Mohawk to bring a very unique style all its own. This look is sure to draw attention to any man, especially with highlighted tips and spiked waves. Truly a great mens hairstyle worthy of praise!

Flat top short haircuts mens hairstyles



Flat-tops are a very popular short mens hairstyle still today. Many different styles make this a very versatile short haircut for any man. Again, designs can be etched into the sides and back. The tops length is also another big decision for men with this hairstyle. Some choose to get the shorter, more classic look, while others choose to have a higher length and have extra hair on top to style in a pompadour type edge. Buzz cuts, popular shirt mens hairstyle for men in the service is also a favorite among non-military men world-wide. There’s tons of different styles but it all comes down to a buzz with a pair of electric hair clippers and a steady hand. Some don’t like the closeness of a buzz cut so they request a guard to be used to leave a bit of hair on top. Very easy to do and wear.

Pompadour short haircuts mens hairstyles

One of the newest short mens hairstyles would have to be the Pompadour. Traditionally for women, or so people thought, men are changing the rules for this eye-catching fashionable cut. Endless styles from curls to straight cuts. Even layered and spiked. Pompadours are growing more popular so try one and see how you like it! Last, but certainly not least and all time classic from the 90’s. This short mens hairstyle is still around today and starting to make quite a comeback. Reminds me of my teens years. Much like the haircuts of pop-stars from the past the Caesar has a more-square front and a chopped back giving it both an even and disheveled look at the same time. The 90’s aren’t gone yet gentlemen!

Hairstyles are reflections of our personalities and our freedom to express our creativity. Sometimes we love the cuts we get and other times are very dissatisfied. Don’t be scared to try a new do just because you haven’t before. Feel free to express that part of your inner self and let your individual creativity shine through.