iOS 10 Features and whether to update it or not

The iPhone Operating System, most commonly known as iOS, is the mobile OS of premier devices iPhone, iPad and iPod. Through the years it has evolved from its first version into the most recent update which was released on January 19, 2016.

iOS is the gateway for users of devices to enjoy mobile apps via the appstore. It is therefore imperative for one’s version to be up-to-date. Despite the new release, there has been buzzing about the highly anticipated iOS 10. Speculation of a release date puts it at June 2016.

We’ve put together a list of rumored features that could go one way or another as an advantage or a disadvantage.

iOS 10 Features-GetsMag

First, iOS is said to gift the user the ability to control home appliances from their iPhone or Mac device. We don’t mean streaming just your photos to movies on the idevice to your TV and speakers thru Apple TV. The new update could allow your idevice to connect to a myriad of external devices so you, the user, will be able to switch them on or off. How does switching your a/c or heater on or off using your iPhone sound? This definitely sounds like an advantage.

In the middle of a meeting? Sleeping? Driving? With the next rumored feature of the iOS 10, Siri could quite possibly take your calls for you. Her latest version may allow her to have a conversation with your callers, take a message and transcribe it for you. When ready, you have the option to read your voicemail messages. More than listen to them, you may actually read them. Also an advantage in our books.

The next feature of the iOS 10 could quite possibly be the crowd pleaser in this list so far. It lets the user see their contact’s availability and show where they currently are. Advantageous in that you’ll be aware of when your contact is available to read your message or reply to you. It could also show you if you are within the vicinity of each other. Feeling like an impromptu get-together with a friend? Let your iPhone do all the hard work.

iOS 10 Features-GetsMag

Another feature that is said will come with iOS 10 is one that will make idevices harder or even next to impossible to jailbreak. Should you be one of those users who exclusively use iOS and MAC devices, this feature would be one of no consequence. For the rest of the techie world, this may be a disadvantage.

Finally, if you own an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4s then perhaps it may not be advisable to download the iOS 10. It is said that these mentioned devices may not support the new upgrade.

So there you have it. The latest buzz on the possible latest iOS version.

After reading about these new features, will you be updating to it or sticking to the version that you currently have?