How to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Today I will discuss that how can you get free gems in Clash of Clans as this has been the most viral question on the Internet but there is no correct and authenticate answer yet for this question.I got free Gems with my Apple iPhone but I guess that would also work for Android phones as well. I believe that this is the only way to get free Gems.

Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

So I started my Clash of Clans game last year in April,2015. I was never interested to Play this Game but my cousins insisted me to play the game.I watch my cousins all the day playing Clash of Clans which was very frustrating for me.At last I also decided to play and help my cousins to build their Clan reputation.Now their Clan (PAK CLASHERS) comes in the top 200 of Pakistan’s best Clan.In the Start it was really tough for me to play the game as I have to wait all the day to get the upgrade complete because at that stage there were only two builders.So the time started passing for me and I was very happy.

How I got Free gems in Clash of Clans

One day when I was on town hall 7 or I guess it was town hall 8, I decided to unlock my King but i was having neither any gems nor the dark elixer for it to unlock which was very frustrating for me as I couldn’t bear that up and decided to purchase few gems for it. I bought 1200 gems for $9.99.
Clash of Clans Gems Invoice

When I bought gems I became very happy that I have unlocked my King but also became sad that I wasted my money for a game which is already earning millions a month by selling these gems. I decided to do something to get my money back. So I found the only way was to get a refund from Apple.I was 50 50 that if i would get a refund or not. To get a refund on Apple you should follow the steps below:

  • Open iTunes on your computer and navigate to the top menu Store -> View My Account.
  • Click See All under the section titled Purchase History.
  • Click the grey arrow to the left of the Order Date.
  • Click the Report a Problem button.
  • A column titled Report a Problem will appear with a list of apps purchased on that day. Click on Report a Problem next to the app you would like to get a refund.

How to get refund from Apple for free gems in COC

You have to message them Not Same as this but similar to like this “Hi, I would like to say that I didn’t purchased this.I dont know who has purchased from my card maybe one of our little cousin were playing with the iphone did that mistake. I would like you to please return my money and Now I am also going to remove my card from this id.I would be very thankful and grateful to you people. Thanks.

free clash of clans gems

They will never give you refund on their first reply but maybe on second and third but they will refund.I was very happy with the refund and than again after a month I ordered them two $19.99 pile of gems and got 5000 gems with it.

Free Gems coc

I again emailed them for the refund. I got the refund again but they specifically told me that this is the last time we are refunding back you the money.So I enjoyed around 6200 gems in total for free.

free gems of clash of clan


You can buy not only Clash of Clans Gems with this method free of cost but that would work with any In-App Purchase but not more than two times. So Share this and comment  IOS if you are Apple user or Android if you are Android User to enter in a lucky draw to get free $50 gift card. just Chill and Enjoy.