How to care Juniper Bonsai

Juniper bonsai trees are beautiful, sturdy miniature trees originating from Japan.  These tiny trees resemble eloquently aged trees, but are purposely pruned to look that way. Some trees produce beautiful flowers or fruit, while others simply display green foliage, which are carefully trimmed to achieve that perfect look. One of the crafts that help give the tree its aged appearance is to strip the bark off the surface of the branch.

Many people prune juniper bonsai trees as a hobby.  For some, it can be a relaxing and therapeutic hobby requiring patience and skill.  It is considered an art that adds beauty to any environment.  If you are not familiar with how to care for and prune a juniper bonsai tree, you should visit your local garden store.  Youtube has a host of videos that will provide excellent hands-on illustrations of tree pruning and care.


It is important to pinch and trim the tree to maintain its miniature appearance.  Trim and pinch the new growth back, but make sure not to remove all of the new growth, as it will help keep the tree nice and healthy.  Make sure you observe each tree, as some trees grow faster than others.  You will want to adjust your trimming and pinching accordingly.

To keep your juniper bonsai lasting for years, make sure you move it indoors when the temperature falls below freezing.  When in doors, place the tree in a bright room that is well-ventilated.  To keep the tree preserved in a dry environment, place it on a tray of pebbles, or spray it with water.

Make it a practice to feed the plant every two weeks during the spring and summer and fertilize it every two weeks, preferably with organic fertilizer.  The juniper bonsai tree is known to grow slow in the summer.  Therefore, reducing the feeding to one time a month, and do not feed it fertilizer during the winter.


Juniper bonsai trees should be repotted once every three to five years if older, and five to six years when they are less than five years old.  In the spring, repot the tree when fresh green buds appear.

Juniper bonsai trees are strong candidates for spider mites.  If you spot them anywhere on the tree, use an insecticide that is mild for a few weeks, or until you no longer see spider mites. If they return, repeat the process.

These lovely juniper bonsai trees will give you joy for years to come if you take care of them regularly.  Remember to visit your local garden store or Youtube to gain more information about juniper bonsai trees and how to care for them.