10 Funny Phenomena Worldwide Due To Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it untold death and suffering. It has also induced confusion, panic, and boredom that has evoked both the best and the worst in people. Due to the ongoing social isolation and lockdown measures put in place by governments across the world, many people are resorting to unusual practices to keep them busy and entertained.

Many more are stocking on toilet paper, food, and guns. The scenes and events worldwide are like the unraveling of a comedic apocalypse. Here are 10 funny phenomena that have resulted from the coronavirus.

10. North Korea Shooting Persons Infected With The Virus

Kim Jong-un

There is a rumor widely circulating on the internet that North Korean leader Kim Jung Un ordered the execution of the country’s first COVID-19 patient. There is only one news media outlet in the country that is state-controlled and it is, therefore, impossible to confirm if the rumor is true or false.

It is unlikely that there are no cases of coronavirus infections in the country because it is shares borders with China and South Korea; country’s which have reported thousands of cases and deaths. Is the Hermit Kingdom lying about the numbers of people infected or does it execute them on mere suspicion? We may never know. A supreme leader who can shoot nuclear missiles into the sea without warning is capable of anything.