Top 10 Exercises That Keep Your Body Shape Healthy and Perfect

Workouts are quite important to keep your body shape healthy and perfect. Unfortunately, tons of people forego exercises for days on end. The struggle to lose weight cannot be won without exercise. Don’t get it wrong, it does not mean that only the overweight need to take daily exercises. Every person should ensure he or she carries out at least an exercise a day to keep the body healthy and fit.

Below are the top 10 exercises that you need to implement in your daily exercise schedule so that your body shape can stay healthy and perfect.

  • Single-leg deadlift
  • Dancing
  • Bent-over Row
  • Squats
  • Climb stairs
  • Side Plank
  • Bridge
  • Swimming
  • Interval training
  • Walking

Now that you know the exercises you can add to your daily exercise schedule, let’s look at them one by one to know how they should be done correctly.

10. Single-leg Deadlift

that can prevent you from backaches

Are you one who suffers from back pains every now and again? Well, count yourself lucky, because there is a solution to that. Single-leg deadlift is a workout that can prevent you from backaches. It sounds impossible but this is how you do it;

  • Find your exercise room and find where your dumbbell
  • Use your left foot while standing
  • Your right foot should be raised or rather lift it up behind you
  • Your knee should be bent
  • Make sure that your right leg and the floor is parallel
  • Make your hips bend frontward
  • Lower your body gradually till you can lower it no more
  • Stop for a moment then move back your body to the position from which you started
  • When coming up, use your glutes instead of rising from your back
  • Have a rest and then start afresh

The single-leg deadlift can be done in the mornings or during the evenings, anytime is the right time.