Top 10 Easy Ways To Relieve Period Pain

A woman’s body undergoes several changes as she matures. One of these changes occurs during her adolescence stage. She starts menstruating every month, a cycle which is extremely painful to some women. They may experience period pain which makes them feel uncomfortable. The following tips can help in relieving this pain:
1. Applying Heat
2. Eating a healthy diet
3. Doing body exercises
4. Using acupuncture
5. Avoiding caffeine
6. Drinking a lot of water
7. Drinking herbal tea
8. Getting a good massage
9. Having a healthy sleeping pattern
10. Seek medical help
The above points apply as follows:

10. Applying heat

This technique helps in relaxing the muscles

You can apply heat using hot towels or water bottles. It depends on which is available to you. This method is easy and applicable at home as it does not require a lot of procedure or equipment. You will need to press the hot water bottle on your abdomen for some time once to thrice a day. Make sure that the hot towel or bottle is not too hot to avoid burning yourself. This technique helps in relaxing the muscles and what you experience is a soothing relief.