Chinese New Year Greetings and Celebration

  1. When Chinese New Year celebrates?
  2. Why Chinese new year never on the same day each year?

Chinese New Year Greetings and Celebration:

Chinese New Year is a holiday that celebrations the beginning of the new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar.It is considered one of the most important holiday.

In china the lunar calendar is still used to determined traditional holidays like Chinese New Year.

When Chinese New Year celebrates?

Chinese New Year celebrations can actually last up to a month. It’s between January 21st and February 20th.

Why Chinese new year never on the same day each year?

Since the lunar calendar is based on the phases of moon which has shorter cycle then the sun.

Chinese New Year is not on the same day every year but typically falls somewhere between January and February.


Traditional association with Chinese New Year

  • Cleaning houses and new clothes
  • Decorating the house
  • New year eve dinner
  • Giving good luck gifts
  • Honoring the animal
  • Giving blessings and thanks

Cleaning houses and new clothes:

Prior to the first day customary for families to thoroughly clear their houses. All cleaning must be finished before New Year. Doing this is said clear out any bad luck from the previous year and to make houses ready to accept good luck for the coming year.

Warning black is not allowed because of its association with death, however, wearing red encouraged as the color is associated with warding off bad spirits.

Decorating the houses:

People of Chinese is to hang up signs and posters on doors and windows with the Chinese word fu written on them, means luck and happiness. Buying flowers for the home is also common since they symbolized the coming of spring and a new beginning.


New Year eve dinner:

Chinese family to make eight to nine dishes for the new year eve dinner because in Chinese language the word “eight”

Means “prosperity” and the word “nine” means “long-lasting”.

Giving good luck gifts:

It is traditional for adult to give children little red envelopes filled with money. It’s symbolize wealth and prosperity for the coming year.

Honoring the animal:

Every year is associated with one of the twelve animal of the Chinese zodiac. These animal are represented in decorations.

Giving blessings and thanks to other:

Chinese New Year is that time when family should come together order to give thanks for the year that has passed, and reinvigorate themselves for the coming year.