Best Womens Hairstyles in 2016

For every woman, her hair is her crowning glory. She will spend as much time and effort as she can to ensure that her hair is shiny, manageable and absolutely perfect. But it all starts with the proper hairstyle.

Womens Hairstyles

As every woman knows, choosing the hairstyle that best suits you depends largely on the shape of your face. Certain womens hairstyles go well with those who have a round-shaped face. Other womens hairstyles suit those who have a heart-shaped face. Fewer womens hairstyles suit ladies with square-shaped faces. Most womens hairstyles will fit those women with oval-shaped faces. Here are some of our suggestions for you ladies out there who are looking for a new look this 2016.

Womens Hairstyles in 2016

Short and Bob Womens Hairstyles

The first look is a bit edgy. If you are looking for a drastic change, try the pixie cut. Despite being short in length, every woman knows you can style it a few ways. Secondly, try the bob hairstyle. This one has three variations: short bob, long bob and a layered bob. It gives you both the versatility of a short-haired look from the back with a long-haired look from the front.

Short and Bob Womens Hairstyles in 2016

Braided and Curly Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a fresh and young look, braids are an option for you. With several different braids, you can style your hair to fit different occasions. One braided hairstyle that has increasingly gained some popularity is the side fishtail braid. Our fourth suggestion is a bun or an updo. You can choose from either a low or a high bun or even a ballerina bun. This hairstyle mostly fits the working woman. To take the corporate look into the cocktail version, loosen your bun a little and make it into an upto. Style it to make it look a little bit unassuming and yet calculated.

Braided and Curly Womens Hairstyles in 2016


Braided and Curly Womens Hairstyles in 2016

Another popular womens hairstyle is the curly or wavy hairstyle. This look can also take you from casual to cocktail. Choose to go curly or wavy starting from the root or starting from the tip. Finally, if you still want to keep the length of your hair but are just looking for a slight change, then try the long and layered look. It will give you the self-confidence from a new look and still give you that sense of security that you still look good. Whatever hairstyle you choose to go with, we are sure that you will make it your own.