Best way to Smoke a Water Bong

A water bong is a glass or a clear acrylic or ceramic pipe used to smoke tobacco or other types of products.  The purpose of the water bong is to filter and cool the smoke as it is inhaled through the chamber. People who use it regularly have expressed that that it’s not only a relaxing experiencing, but that it one of the healthiest ways to smoke tobacco products.

The water bong is normally made up of four parts:

  1. Mouthpiece: This is the opening at the very top of the water bong. Purse your lips and place them within the tube, not around the outside of it.


  1. Chamber: The smoke rises and builds up inside the chamber waiting to be inhaled through the mouthpiece.


  1. Bowl: The bowl holds the tobacco or whatever smoking product you choose.


  1. Downstem: This is a small tube that slides into the belly of the water bong. As the tobacco is inhaled, the smoke tobacco’s smoke travel through the downstem and into the water.


Water bongs can be used in the privacy of your own home. But, you can go to Hookah bars which offer similar items called water pipes.

Water bongs are most often used for smoking marijuana.  But, other tobacco products are used as well.


Below are brief steps on how to smoke water bongs:


  1. Pour enough water through the mouthpiece into the water bong to cover the downstem for about a half inch. Pour just enough so that the stem is submerged in about 1/2 to one inch of water.  Don’t pour any more water than this amount or the water could wet the tobacco or splash up the mouthpiece.


  1. Fill the ripped or torn tobacco to the top of the bowl. Don’t pack it with too much or you could clog it.  But, if you don’t pack it enough, loose pieces can get sucked into the bong when inhaled.


  1. Place your lips firmly inside the mouthpiece as to not allow the smoke to escape. Do not place your mouth around it.


  1. Remove the bowl piece after you have filled the chamber with smoke. If you have a water bong with a carb hole, cover the carb hole with your finger.  Some water bongs have carb holes.  There is nothing significant about them.  Some water bongs are different.


  1. Light the tobacco while inhaling the smoke and release the fire when you see a red glow from the tobacco. “Milk” the water bong until the chamber is white with smoke.  If you’re smoking for the first time, fill the chamber with smoke halfway.


  1. Suck in the smoke through the chamber, and when you are ready to release the smoke, remove your mouth from the mouth piece and exhale.


Pass the water bong on to the next person.  That’s it!


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