Avoiding These 10 Foods And Drinks Will Let Your Skin Be Reborn Beautifully

The skin is the largest body organ. It is, therefore, the first indicator of poor nutrition, ill health and anything that might be going wrong with your vital body processes. A smooth fair skin signifies great health while a dry, patchy scaly skin with pimples rashes or acne breakouts signifies dehydration and a poor choice of foods.

The first thing to do to attain beautiful skin is to watch your diet. Eat skin-friendly foods and drinks and make it a habit. You should absolutely avoid these 10 foods and drinks if you wish to see your skin rejuvenated and glowing always.

10. Coffee

Coffee is especially bad for people with high hormonal fluctuations

Coffee is especially bad for people with high hormonal fluctuations. A high dose of acidic caffeine in coffee makes you alert by triggering a stress response in the body. The stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands increase the level of insulin in your blood. The excess insulin results in the production of more oils that clogs up your skin pores leading to a skin breakout. You would spot the breakout in the most sensitive skin of your face as acne. Coffee is great for the motivation in kick-starting your day, if you, however, want flawless skin, you will have to avoid it.