7 Best Email Marketing Software in the World 2017

4. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Although not as big as some of the heavyweights like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor has been around the block a few times. Launching in 2004, Campaign Monitor was started, like many great companies, out of a need for software that met the needs of its founder.

They have since grown to a staff of over 114 across 20 cities. With over 120,000+ customers that collectively send over a billion emails per month, their stats are impressive.

What this means to you – from an outsider’s perspective – is that there’s a solid company with an established customer base behind them.

Campaign Monitor offers all the vital features needed to run professional email marketing campaigns to boost your business.

You can design beautiful and effective emails: Campaign Monitor’s drag-and-drop email builder offers a range of professionally-designed templates that you can use to create your own branded and unique emails that will look wonderful on any device. The app’s DIY email builder optimizes personalized emails for every inbox, and the reader can use a desktop or mobile device to read the messages.

You can send personalized email content to your customers: The software allow you to personalize your emails to make them more powerful. Campaign Monitor’s easy-to-use yet robust tools enable you to customize and segment your lists so that you can send relevant messages to the right contacts. List segmentation features enable you to send relevant messages to the most promising prospects who look like they are likely to convert. Campaign Monitor’s list management tools enable subscriber segmentation, personalized content, triggered messaging, and webhooks.

You can easily automate your campaigns: Automated campaigns can work effectively in the background.You can set them up and import your subscriber and customer information into Campaign Monitor. Then, sit back and relax as this cloud-based app sends pre-designed messages at the right times.

You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns: Campaign Monitor offers interactive analytics that provides insights on how your emails are performing in real time. You can see how your readers are engaging with and sharing your content, and how effective your call to actions are. Campaign Monitor also offers robust analytics and reporting components that allow you to see who opened your emails and what aspects of your content are most interesting to readers. You can even see with whom the emails are shared with.

Other benefits include drag-and-drop tools to simplify the creation of emails, easy tools that allow you to grow subscriber lists, and social features to promote sharing on Twitter and Facebook.