7 Best Email Marketing Software in the World 2017

5. VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse 2017

VerticalResponse has been in the email marketing business since 2001, but it has evolved with the market. Upgrades to the interface, optimized organization, a fantastic set of event management tools, and a bevy of social media tools keep it in the conversation as a solid option as a corporate email marketing platform. Their pricing model can be seen as a positive or negative depending on your needs, and is our main dislike.

VerticalResponse makes a priority of organization. The service is easy to navigate. For building emails both an email wizard and standard HTML are available. If you want your emails to mimic your business website there is a freeform HTML editing option. The email creation capabilities in VerticalResponse are set up in a logical way that our review process found to be above average all around.

The event management tools are noteworthy as well, offering a comprehensive package for creating everything needed to promote any type of event. With the service you can do everything from creating a website for your event to promoting it on Facebook and Twitter. Live statistics are available in the dashboard to check ticket sales and registration numbers. The service is a real plus all around.

If VerticalResponse doesn’t make the short list of email marketing services it should by all means be first alternate. Clean, organized interfaces don’t grow on trees. Likewise, integration with Salesforce and the social media and survey options are fantastic. For those willing to use IE or Firefox and small businesses willing to shell out a little more per month, this is a top of the line service.