7 Best CRM Software in the World 2017

3. HubSpot CRM

Hotspot CRM 2017

HubSpot CRM is an easy-to-use sales application that arms your sales team with the information and the tools needed for today’s modern sales process.

Free and simple, HubSpot CRM is built to be a platform that allows sales teams get started quickly without making much of a change in their existing workflow. It is a CRM solution ideal for companies that are still starting to recognize the value of CRM and want to try it out or for enterprises that are not using their existing CRM systems to their fullest potential. HubSpot CRM is a smart and easy option that carries the basic features but lack the depth and the extensiveness other CRM platforms easily provide. Beginners and mid-market companies will also appreciate the fact that HubSpot CRM is currently a certified, premier Google partner, and suits well all niches and industries.

HubSpot CRM helps you create beautiful contact and company profiles, as it organizes neatly every single detail from your customers’ communication with you. It assigns and tracks your deals, controls the performance of your agents, and offers a single, detailed dashboard where all team members can keep track of the company’s activities. If you are already a HubsSpot Sales users (both a free and a professional one), you will get to use HubSpot CRM for more effective inbound sales.

At the same time, HubSpot is one of the best-integrated CRM platforms on the market that can be obtained for free. Some of the apps it integrates with are Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Dropbox, Bigcommerce, Gravity Forms, and many other tools.

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