7 Best CRM Software in the World 2017

5. nimble

nimble CRM 2017

Nimble is a simple, intelligent sales force automation and social CRM solution for small and midsize businesses. It automatically populates rich customer profiles and interaction histories from contact lists, email conversations and social media activity across a range of popular platforms.

In addition to contact management and pipeline management features such as deal tracking, tasks and alerts, Nimble includes integrated social listening to keep customer profiles updated. This allows businesses to track which contacts are mentioning, following or engaging with them, or who are celebrating milestones such as birthdays—which in turn creates valuable opportunities for informed outreach and follow-ups.

Nimble’s “Today Page” offers one comprehensive view of to-dos, key deals and engagement opportunities. These are generated by Nimble’s “Rules Engine,” which learns from user behavior to prioritize social signals and predict which contacts and opportunities are most relevant. Nimble also offers a range of browser and email widgets, allowing users to view rich, contextual detail from their contacts’ Nimble profiles even from outside the system.

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