6 Selfish Reasons People Like to Stay Single Nowadays

It is said that in the United States, one out of seven persons who have reached the legal marriage age chooses to live alone. And you won’t believe that in Manhattan, the most densely populated district of New York City, half of the population there live alone.

In North Europe, being single has become a norm. Researchers found in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, up to 60% of the population enjoy their celibacy, the highest in the world.

Such phenomenon is also observable in the eastern world. In Japan, more than 74% of the young people at over 20 years old are not in a relationship. 40% of them said they never wanted to look for a partner because a relationship is troublesome and consumes a lot of time and energy. They would rather spend time doing something they truly love.

Moreover, it is impossible to make more than widest guess at how many single mans and women are in China – 200 million!

Scientists in demographics predict that the era of celibacy has arrived and it will become an unstoppable trend in the near future.

What is the logic behind these singles’ mindsets? What lead to their change of marriage behavior? Here we will provide 5 key reasons why they choose to stay single.

6. Singles Are more Financially Independent

Singles Are more Financially Independent | Why People Like to be Single

Singles Are more Financially Independent

We live in the century of industrialization. Goods and service vital for daily life can be easily obtained at cheap price in the city. Materialistically satisfied, people do not need any spiritual help or comfort from marriage any more.

Eric Klinenberg, a renowned American sociologist, upends conventional wisdom of being single in his book “Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone”. He found that that people choose to be single not because they do not have enough money for marriage, but they are rich enough to live alone.

Therefore, although two people living under the same roof may save you some money, it is very secondary for some singles to consider. They have enough money to entertain themselves, then why bother look for joy from someone that you cannot control?