25 Scary Books That Will Keep You Up All Night Awake

The scariest time of the year – Halloween is knocking on the door. On the All Hallows’ Eve, there is something magical, but scary in the air. You feel that the evil is lurking somewhere and maybe watching at you. Did you know that, according to Celtic religion, on the All Hallows’ Eve, the gates of Hell open and all of the demons come out and play on Earth? Isn’t that just spooky and it adds to the atmosphere of Halloween night? People usually love to experience during the Halloween a good scare. That is why many people either binge watch a lot of horror movies with lots and lots of popcorn and soft drinks with their friends. Besides people who love to watch scary movies with their friends, there are also people who are more of a solitary type – they like to binge watch horror movies alone.

But, despite the fact that watching horror movies is the best thing to do on Halloween, whether alone or in company, there are also people who love to read scary books during the All Hallows’ Eve. This might sound silly, but according to horror book fans, reading a scary book on the All Hallows’ Eve is even scarier that watching a horror movie. The only problem considering reading horror books on Halloween is what horror book to choose in the sea of books from that genre. Do you feel tired from badly written horror books? Do you look for a scary book that will both entertain and scare you at the same time? Then you should definitely check out our list of scary books that will keep you up all night, whether you will read them on Halloween or on regular basis.

There are a lot of “writers” out there cranking out horror books with the scare factor. Isn’t that stupid? Yep, it is. Would you read those stupid horror books from wannabe writers? Surely you wouldn’t. Those books would only destroy your atmosphere during the Halloween or any night when you feel like reading horror books. But, to save you from bad horror books choices, we have made a research to bring you some of the best horror books you can read. Let’s take a look at 25 Scary Books That Will Keep You All Night Awake:

#25 – The Hellbound Heart – Clive Barker

The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker | 25 Scary Books That Will Keep You Up All Night Awake

The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker

This horror book is said to be one of the most terrifying stories that have ever been written. This story from the pen of Clive Barker tells us the story about obsession and all of the containments a human heart can carry – from joys to horrors. Frank Cotton, the main character, is both a hedonist and a nihilist. Frank had traveled the whole world seeking out its greatest pleasure.

When Frank finds himself that nothing can satisfy all of his deepest desires, he finds out something called the Lament Configuration, which is a puzzle box, but not an ordinary puzzle box, but rather a portal to another dimension. Sadly, the box leads Frank Cotton to a world where he can’t distinguish between pleasure and extreme pain.