25 Reasons Hillary Clinton Deserves to be the President of the United States

#17 – She is there for all the children and families

Hillary Clinton | She is there for all the children and families
Hillary Clinton | For all the children and families

Hillary might be the mom of Chelsea, and the grandmother of Charlotte and Aidan, but that doesn’t matter since she has, throughout her whole career, cared for other women, families, and their children and looked out for them. And by saying that Hillary looked out for children and families, we don’t mean that she was “gone to the mat.”


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  1. This entire list is enough to keep me awake at night with tremors and nightmares.

    She cares about the families of children by killed by violent means? What has she done for the mothers of those she killed in Benghazi?

  2. HRC doesn’t deserve to nor can she be trusted to clean the White House outhouse or any other outhouse in DC or anywhere else. Just my honest opinion!!

  3. I’m all for a female president that will be honest ,trustworthy, and caring for all People. HRC has proven she doesn’t have any qualifications of any kind to be POTUS.

  4. Oh well people like you 4 are w&at got us with the dictator we have now! Trump doesnt even know enough about politics to pass an 8th grade History class. And until he does remember , all of us women will still be able to hold onto our pussies. Just goes to show who those people on the right really are!

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