25 Reasons Hillary Clinton Deserves to be the President of the United States

The 2016 Presidential Election Campaigns in the United States have so far been proclaimed as the most intriguing, interesting, funniest, most talked about, most tense, Presidential Election Campaigns ever. It is estimated that on the Day of the Election, the most Americans will ever go out and vote ever in the American history. And why is that? It is because that by far America now has two most interesting candidates for the title President of the United States to choose from – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Some people hate Hillary, but love Trump, while the others hate Trump, but love Hillary, and support her. There are also people who dislike both Donald Trump and Hillary, but they feel the urge to vote on the Election Day, which will be on the 8th of November. The people who dislike both Hillary and Donald Trump are at the biggest problem – they don’t know which one of those two to choose. Donald Trump is the “new Hitler” to them, and Hillary is “old unqualified grandma” to them. What we think about this problem is that many of equivocal voters will choose to vote for Hillary over Trump. The main reason for that would probably be that they would like a woman, like Hillary, to run the United States, despite some strange rumors about Hillary’s past and some other aspects of her career.

If you plan to vote on this 2016 Election Day and don’t know who to choose – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, we are there to help you. On this list, we are going to give you 25 reasons why you should vote for Hillary Clinton, and why does she deserve to be the next President of the United States. These are the 25 Reasons Hillary Clinton Deserves to be the President of the United States:

#25 – Her presidency will feel just like Obama is still the President

Hillary Clinton | With Obama
Hillary Clinton | With Obama

The current President of the United States, Barack Obama, never got a credit or two he deserves for turning America upside down, in a positive manner, after the previous president, George Bush almost destroyed the United States. Barack Obama is a person who got the America out of the Great Recession and who had headed the American people onto the right direction. Now, why do we talk about Obama, when this is an article about Hillary? Well, what we are trying to say is that Hillary is going to head us in the same and right direction as Barack Obama had led us, if she becomes the next President of the United States.

The policies and governing style of Hillary Clinton are very much similar to Barack Obama’s policies and his governing style. Also, some of Hillary’s plans include continuing on projects and accomplishments the current President Obama has made such as:

  • Immigration Reform which is Comprehensive
  • Legislative Action Considering Climate Change
  • Expanding and Fixing Obamacare
  • Gun Control
  • The expansion and strengthening of Dodd-Frank financial regulations

If you were able to handle President Obama on the throne for 8 years, and you just can’t vote for Donald Trump, then Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate you should definitely choose and vote for. What is interesting about Hillary Clinton and Obama and common to them is that they both can be defined as calculating pragmatic progressives. If Hillary Clinton wins these elections, she will ensure the legacy of President Obama and create the legacy of her own.



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9 thoughts on “25 Reasons Hillary Clinton Deserves to be the President of the United States”

  1. This entire list is enough to keep me awake at night with tremors and nightmares.

    She cares about the families of children by killed by violent means? What has she done for the mothers of those she killed in Benghazi?

  2. HRC doesn’t deserve to nor can she be trusted to clean the White House outhouse or any other outhouse in DC or anywhere else. Just my honest opinion!!

  3. I’m all for a female president that will be honest ,trustworthy, and caring for all People. HRC has proven she doesn’t have any qualifications of any kind to be POTUS.

  4. Obama should never have been President, he and crooked Hillary are progressive socialists! Totally not American ideals!

  5. Oh well people like you 4 are w&at got us with the dictator we have now! Trump doesnt even know enough about politics to pass an 8th grade History class. And until he does remember , all of us women will still be able to hold onto our pussies. Just goes to show who those people on the right really are!


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