25 Reasons Donald Trump Deserves to be The President of the United States

Donald Trump – a name that everyone in the world has heard about. Besides hearing the name Donald Trump, every person in the world has a different opinion about this man. Some people love Donald Trump, and some don’t. You either hate or love Donald Trump; it is all up to you. The reason why Donald Trump is so popular this year is his candidature for the President of the United States. This year’s presidential campaign is thought to be the most popular ever because it is made out of different scandals, insults, debates, etc., between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump, before the presidential candidacy and everything, was born in the year of 1946 as Donald John Trump, Sr., to a real-estate developer whose name is Fred Trump. To be more precise, the exact birth date of Donald Trump is 14th of June, 1946. The only question standing in front of the date of birth of Donald Trump is did the lucky starts above have chosen on his birth date that he would become one of the biggest personas that have ever existed in the American mainstream.

Donald is widely known and recognized as a person who stands firmly behind what he believes into. Donald Trump is brash, cocksure and vainglorious. Also, he is a shrewd real estate tycoon, whose income and net worth continue to grow despite President Obama’s lust for the wealth of American citizens, including Donald Trump. For that reason, and many other reasons, millions of American people believe that Donald Trump should become the new American President and win the 2016 USA Presidential Elections. Is that a good idea – letting Trump win the 2016 Presidential Elections? Would he be a good president?

Contrary to what some people believe, Donald Trump as a President could be just what the doctor had ordered. Although the American massive media makes Donald Trump a reborn Adolf Hitler, and Lucifer, just to make people not vote for him, we have explored several aspects of Donald’s personality (with a lot of thought), and have decided to put out some of his good sides and reasons why he would make a good President of the United States of the United States. Let’s now take a look at the 25 Reasons Donald Trump Deserves to be The President of the United States.

#25 – He’s an Expert in Economics

Donald Trump | He’s an Expert in Economics
Donald Trump | He’s an Expert in Economics

If anyone can take the United States out of debt and budget deficit, then it is Donald Trump. We mean, who knows better about debts, insolvency, taxes, than a millionaire and businessman as Donald Trump. If Donald Trump could save himself many times from debts of millions of dollars, then he can save the United States also from debt and budget deficit.

He is the right candidate that can save the American economic ship from sinking and becoming the second Titanic. Donald Trump’s business savvy will make the United States not to pile up more and more debt and budget deficit.



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3 thoughts on “25 Reasons Donald Trump Deserves to be The President of the United States”

  1. Donald maybe an expert on economics but curtainly not a expert on helping the vunrable and most needy. Also major discriminatory towards muslim people which is a totally disgrace that the next president elect is so discriminating towards the faith and this sort of attitude should not be acceptable in the 21st century. Donald trump will be isolated by world govs for sure.

  2. I must admit I was surprised at your 25 reasons that Donald Trump deserves to be the President of The United States although I wholeheartedly agree with them all.
    I believe that the majority of the so-called Main Stream media are influenced far too much by their pay masters. The current situation of trying to turn the population against a legally elected President is an abomination. I have been following the election right from the Primary’s and have been incensed at the despicable machinations of the Democratic Party and the current Administration. Freedom of the press is fine as long as it does not incite violence as it is now doing. The sooner President Trump is inaugurated the better and then the people behind the violence and political disruption can be dealt with while he turns all of his attention to Making America Great Again.

  3. Donald Trump will rescue America from the “political correctness pit” that bleeding heart liberals(along with spineless conservatives) have gotten us mired up in! Thank you Lord for not allowing us to be blinded into electing that wicked old witch from New York!


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