25 Most Haunted Hotels of the World

Although there are many tourists and backpackers who are trying to avoid at all prices to book a room or a suite at a haunted hotel, there are also people brave and adventurous enough to book a room in a haunted hotel. It seems that people who love to book rooms and suites at haunted hotels just have that love for creepy place in their blood.

If you belong to this group of brave adventurers and admirers of creepy places, you will for certain enjoy our post 25 Most Haunted Hotels. Sites of various murders, accidents, suicides, and other tragic events, hotels claimed to be haunted can be found all around the planet. While some of the haunted hotels may have turned their bleak reputation into something that can be called effective marketing tool to attract brave tourists, some hotels wish nobody knew of their haunted legacy.

In these haunted hotels we have made a list of, screams at night, weird noises, apparitions, shadows in the corner of your eye, things moving by themselves, “someone” standing near your bed, aren’t uncommon at all. In this list we feature hotels from those such as the creepy Welsh Skirrid Mountain Inn, where its guests frequently feel invisible ropes being tightened around their neck to the spooky Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India where many people were murdered in an act of terrorism. Staying at any of the hotels in this list is not for those who are faint-hearted. If you are not of those who are faint-hearted, look at our list of 25 most haunted hotels.

#25 – Karosta Prison – Latvia

Karosta Prison - Latvia | 25 Most Haunted Hotels of the World

Karosta Prison – Latvia | 25 Most Haunted Hotels of the World

This bizarre hotel was once a real prison where thousands of people had died. To be exact, the Karosta Prison was a Soviet and Nazi military prison.

If you book a room at this hotel, you’ll be treated as a real prisoner. But that is not the scariest thing. The scariest thing is that you might not be alone in your cell. The brave guests of this hotel say that they hear noises, footsteps, screams, and that someone whispers something like “Get out of here!”