25 Most Expensive Paintings in the World

#20 – “White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)” – Mark Rothko – $74.9 million

White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose) | Painted by Mark Rothko | 25 Most Expensive Paintings in the World
White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose) | Painted by Mark Rothko

Isn’t this painting so cool and so deep? We see the meaning of life in this painting which just represents yellow, white, and purple square. Look at this painting and you’ll find the meaning of life.

The text above was ironic, but it is some kind of a protest against the abstract paintings, which are, to some useless and they don’t represent any meaning, and it is also a protest against the high price of these paintings. We mean, even a child can paint a painting like that. We’ll find a couple of children paint some square using special painting techniques and equipment and see if we can sell the painting for $74.9 million, as this painting was sold for that price.

This painting was completed in 1950 and its author is a man named Mark Rothko. The painting was sold to the Royal Family of Qatar for $74.9 million.


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  1. You are far away of having traced down the most expansive painting in the world! To my knowledge, this happens to be a work of Paul Gauguin painted in 1892 and entitled “Nafea faa ipoipo” (which in tahitian means “When will you marry”). It was once owned by swiss collector Rudolf Staehelin, who bought it in 1917, and sold in 2015 by his grandson to the emir of Quatar for an alleged price of $300 million.

  2. To the know-all commenter on here; NONE of these works, nor the Qatar Gauguin, could remotely be described as the most expansive in the world. See what you said, now?

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