25 Most Expensive Cars in the World

#24 – Saleen S7 – $585,000

Saleen S7 Gold Yellow | 25 Expensive Cars
Saleen S7 Gold Yellow | 25 Expensive Cars

This car is also one hell of a beauty coming from the United States. If you are a millionaire, we have some “sad” news for you – this car comes only in limited edition. But that probably won’t stop any millionaire from buying this car. Millionaires always find a way.

Saleen S7 is a supercar which earned a great credibility because of its great styling, its high-performance, and its immense power. This car has a very long history of racing, and it can even compete with models of racing car makers such as Lamborghini. This supercar sports a fabulous 7.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

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