25 Hottests Models That Will Make You Go Mad

Every woman is beautiful in its way.“ That is a saying that has been around the edge for years, maybe even centuries. Indeed, not every woman is beautiful in its way, but every human being that lives and that had lived is beautiful and was beautiful in its own way. Some people may not be physically beautiful, but they can be beautiful in their souls. Some people can be both beautiful on their outside and their inside. But, again even the less attractive people have some attractive or prominent features – such as their unusual eye color, interesting eyebrows shape, beautiful hair, etc., that is why we have said that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Throughout the history the beauty standards for women have changed a lot. For example, at one period in the time, women with curvy body were considered as beautiful and as pocket Venuses, but nowadays curvaceous women are considered as lazy and ugly. Another example how beauty standards have changed is that in the Ancient times, blonde women were considered ugly and that hair color was socially inacceptable, but nowadays, blonde women are among the most attractive women.

But, enough of the discussion on what is beautiful, what were the beauty standards then and now, etc. In the world we live in, there are women who were gifted by God with the beauty that can’t be described. Those type of women gain attraction wherever they appear and whenever they appear. Extremely beautiful women have some distinctive features that an average women doesn’t have – cat eyes, full and pouty lips, above-average height, slim waist, long and healthy hair, clean face and soft voice. The women who have these characteristics and who are earning money from their beauty by showing and wearing designer clothes during fashion shows are called models.

Although the women with above-average physical features were always present, modeling and models became official in the year of 1853, but modeling as a profession got its biggest and official initiation as a profession in the 1960s. From the 1960s to the present day, many beautiful women were models, but in this list, we will feature just for your eyes 25 Hottest Models That Will Make You Mad.

#25 – Petra Němcová

Petra Němcová | Hottests Models

Petra Němcová | Hottests Models

Petra Němcová is the model from Czechoslovakia. We say from Czechoslovakia because Petra was born in 1979, while this country existed. If she was born after the separation of these countries, her place of birth would be Czech Republic.

Petra Němcová is one of the most beautiful and attractive women from the Europe. The best features of Petra Němcová that will make any man mad are her prominent eyes and small, but attractive breasts. Some of her other physical features that made her a model are her unusual face shape and full lips. Sadly, we almost lost this angel on Earth in the 2004 Tsunami, but she luckily survived and continued to radiate her beauty.