25 Horror Films That Will Keep You Awake All Night

#20 – The Thing

The Thing | Horror Movie

The Thing | Horror Movie

Like the vast majority of other great horror flicks, the ones that have endured over years and years, this 1982 John Carpenter’s masterpiece, which is actually a remake of The Thing From Another World was initially forgotten by many film critic, dismissed, and proclaimed as an excessive schlock film.

However, 1982 The Thing is once again appraised and is considered to be one of the best offerings of the horror movie genre. This movie is a true sci-fi horror/thriller, with many tense moments and spooky atmosphere throughout the movie plot.

In this movie, we follow the story about men who are a part of an Arctic expedition, being haunted by a shape shifting alien creature that can turn into anything it touches. The best about this movie is its ambiguous ending.