25 Horror Films That Will Keep You Awake All Night

#23 – Suspiria

Suspiria | Horror Movie

Suspiria | Horror Movie

Probably most of you haven’t heard for this movieā€¦and wait yet to hear to what special horror genre it belongs to. This movie belongs to the genre of horror movies called giallo horror movies. Giallo horror movies are basically Italian horror movies with a unique stamp of the Italian horror movie directors.

The most famous giallo director is, of course, Dario Argento, and his most famous giallo horror is, of course, 1977 Suspiria. The movie introduces us to the following plot:

An American attractive student is enrolled at the prestigious dance academy located in Germany. She flies to Germany and finds out that the dance academy she had enrolled at offers more than she even bargained for. Soon, supernatural forces start to crawl upon the Academy and something sinister is committing murders at the Academy. Don’t miss this horror flick and find out what happens with the American girl!