25 Horror Films That Will Keep You Awake All Night

There is something oddly satisfying in the watching of horror films, especially at night – we know that we are going to be scared, a lot, and we also know that we won’t be able to sleep all night because of the horror flick that we have watched, but we just want to watch it because it satisfies some bizarre part of our psychological life. Why is that? Why do we love watching horror movies at night although we know that we will either have nightmares or we won’t be able to sleep? Sadly, we don’t have answer to that question and science has never dealt with that question. We are all probably doing it out of curiosity, to see how brave we are and how can we go, to test out braveness limits.

But, even the most brave people are afraid, for example from Samara, the antagonist of the freaking spooky film “The Ring”. No one on this planet is immune not to get scared from horror movies, no one, even the ones that say they aren’t afraid of all the demons, poltergeists, creepy creatures, ghosts, and other antagonists of modern-day horror flicks. If you are brave enough to look at some of the scariest horror movies of our time, then congratulations, but we would you award you with an Oscar Award for braveness if you would dare to watch all of the movies from this list. Okay, here is the deal – we challenge you, yes YOU, to watch for 25 days consequently, each day one film, featured on our list. Let’s dive deep into the realms of horror and take a look at the 25 Horror Movies That Will Keep You Awake…At Night:

#25 – Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th | Horror Movie

Friday the 13th | Horror Movie

The movie franchise Friday the 13th is best known for its un-killable, hulking, machete-wielding, hockey mask killed, the legendary Jason Voorhes. It is easy for us to forget that Jason wasn’t the part of the Sean Cunningham’s 1980 original – he only appears on the very end. Along with the similar franchises such as Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this movie has defined the legendary 1980s slasher craze, and it had also invented the kids-at-camps horror movie genre.

This movie is full of tension and scary moments. It is also a movie filled with gore, such when Kevin Bacon gets his neck speared. Friday the 13th franchise has invented, among its similar franchises, what defines a good slasher movie.