25 Creepy Photos That Will Make You Believe in Ghosts

#16 – Chloe’s Ghost

Chloe’s Ghost

Chloe’s Ghost

On the photo, we see the apparition of a woman wearing a turban on her head. According to several people who are familiar with the history of the Louisville’s Myrtle Plantation, the apparition on the photo is a woman called Chloe. Chloe was a slave at Myrtle’s Plantation.

She had her ear cut off by her master because she was listening to the private conversation he had with his wife. To hide her missing ear, Chloe had to wear a green turban. To revenge to her owners, she baked a birthday cake, in which she had inserted deadly dose of oleander leaves extract. But, Chloe’s plan failed.

Only her master Sarah, her main master’s wife, and their two daughters have tried the cake and had died. As a punishment for murdering his wife and two kids, Chloe’s master had her to be hanged and thrown to Mississippi River.

Chloe’s ghost still haunts the plantation, alongside 11 other ghosts.