25 Creepy Photos That Will Make You Believe in Ghosts

Life after death is something that will be and remain a mystery for all times. The reason for that s that no one that had died never came back from the dead to tell us what is it like on the other side. Actually, we even have to ask ourselves is there life after death? Do we have to fear death that much? If we won’t ever, ever exist after we die and not continue our life on the other side, we would have to fear death.

But, surprisingly, since the invention of photography, people have recorded photos of proofs that life after death exists – in the form of ghosts appearing on various photos. Are those photos real or fake, you might ask? Paranormal science states that a ghost is a form of energy of a person who had died, but who remained to wander around the Earth, because of some unfinished business, or it was so emotionally bound to his home, that he/she had to stay there, even after death.

But, are ghosts among us? Are they proof that life after death exists? People have wanted to believe in the existence of ghosts since the first thought about it appeared. Ghosts are literately everywhere; they are in music, literature, movies, philosophy, and are at the center of attention of various TV shows that explore the existence of paranormal. For every person who believes in paranormal and in ghosts, there is a person who doesn’t believe in neither paranormal nor ghosts. It definitely is a mystery whether ghosts exists or not. Some people are ready to swear in the name of God that they have had paranormal experience, while the others deny paranormal experiences; even there are all criteria that they have had one.

We have scrolled down the corridors and catacombs and the dark alleys of Internet and have chosen just for you 25 Creepy Photos That Will Make You Believe in Ghosts. If you are a non-believer, check out these photos, they will surely send the chills down your spine and make you consider once again the existence of ghosts. Some photos featured in this list are very scary, and for those faint-hearted we recommend not to look at this list at all.

#25 – The Passenger on the Backseat

The Passenger on the Backseat

The Passenger on the Backseat

In the year of 1959, a woman named Mable Chinnery went to a local cemetery at the place she was living in to visit the grave of her just recently passed away mother. During the visit to the cemetery, she took some photos of the cemetery. Her husband was waiting for Mable to get into the car. Mable even decided to take the photo of her husband while he was waiting for here. She took a photo of her spouse waiting for her in the car, not knowing what will appear on the photo.

When the couple came home and had developed photos from the cemetery, all of the photos Mable took seemed normal, but only one shocked her and her husband. It was the photo of her husband waiting in the car for Mable that shocked both Mable and her husband. The photo clearly shows that Mable’s husband wasn’t the only person waiting for Mable to return in the car. Behind Mable’s husband is a ghostly apparition with flashy eyes. Mable has claimed for years that the photo she took clearly shows her mother’s ghost in the backseat of Mable’s car.