25 Bizarre Meals Some People Love to Eat

#24 – Fried Spiders – Cambodia

Bizarre Meals People Love to Eat | Fried Spiders - Colombia

Bizarre Meals People Love to Eat | Fried Spiders – Cambodia

Unless your grandma wasn’t from Skuon, Cambodia, then you have probably never tried this “delicacy” during your family gatherings and meals. Fried spiders as a meal are actually available all throughout Cambodia, but they are most popular in a place called Skuon, Cambodia, where they are considered a specialty. People from Skuon, Cambodia love this specialty, which is prepared in the garlic oil and deep fried in it. After deep frying, these “delicious” spiders are said to be crunchy on the, but spongy on the inside. The most common spider species that are prepared by frying in Cambodia are tarantulas.

You might ask yourself, “Why do these people in Skuon, Cambodia have started this bizarre tradition of eating spider anyways?” Well the answer lies probably in the history. During the bloody reign of Khmer Roughe, the villagers of Skuon didn’t have any food to eat, so they just had to find alternative way of finding and preparing food. Fried spiders are often sold to tourists in Cambodia as they pass through Cambodia towns and are offered as a quick snack. Although bizarre, fried spiders are full of proteins, and there are stories that eating them makes you more beautiful.