25 Bizarre Meals Some People Love to Eat

We all have to admit the fact that we love to eat. Food is one of the blessings of the life, and we think that we should every day eat something special. But, by special, we don’t mean something like a fried cricket marinated in some special seasonings and special sauces? We, wouldn’t eat it, not matter what the seasoning and sauces are contained. And what about eating some fried spiders? Aren’t fried spiders yummy? All of us have probably loved the way our grandma was making her fried spiders. Just joking, what grandma in the world would ever make fried spiders? But, there are some people in this world who enjoy eating something they call food, but we call bizarre food.

Most people from the Western world couldn’t look at the dishes that will be featured in this list, and not to say that they would try them. What do you think – what do marinated crickets and fried spiders have in common? Well, that is a weird question, but what they do have in common is that they are considered as delicacies in certain countries. Some were even planned to be proclaimed as official regional dishes of those countries, or even national dishes. If you consider yourself as a food aficionado, think for yourself could you eat some of the meals listed down below. Would you be brave enough to try them? In this list, we will feature meals our palates aren’t quite used to. Some of the meals that we have featured on this list will make you laugh, some will make you scared, and some will make you cry. There is an entire universe of pungent, eerie, or just plain scary meals out there in the world available for sampling, but would you be brave to try them all. Take a look at 25 Bizarre Meals People Love to Eat, and decide for yourself would you be brave enough to eat any of these meals.

#25 – Fugu – Japan

Bizarre Meals People Love to Eat | Fugu Japan

Bizarre Meals People Love to Eat | Fugu Japan

Fugu is the specialty in Japan. Have you ever thought to yourself about the possibility of dying during a delicious meal? Well, the chances of you dying during a delicious meal are quite slim. The only reason for you to die during a meal is to get choked.

But, in Japan, there is a food that could literally be your last meal, if it wasn’t prepared by an experienced and licensed chef. We are talking about a meal called Fugu. Fugu is a fish that contains toxins that are able to kill near 30 people. To become a licensed for the preparation of this meal, one must undergo years and years of intensive training. This weird looking fish can either be served in a stew, it can be grilled, or a paper-thin sashimi can be made out of it, but any small mistake in preparation of this fish would mean an end to the eater of this meal. If you are brave enough to try out this bizarre and possibly fatal meal, visit Japan in period between October and March, when the Fugu season is ongoing.