14 Best Selling Smart Phones in the World



Lumia 830 has PureView camera of 10 MP with OIS and Zeiss optics – at home or at a concert captures brilliant images. A rich recording with 3 microphones easier than ever to capture high-quality videos with excellent sound. For Lumia 830 striking combination of metal and polycarbonate beautifully merge and form a sense of balance and harmony – excellent grip and looks wonderful on the table in front of you. The Nokia Lumia 830, community announcements, weather updates and information about health and fitness in the blink of an eye are displayed on the screen, no wonder why this phone is in the category of the most selling smart phones on the market.


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  1. I can only endorse your comments. The S6 is the best phone I have ever owned, and I have been using a mobile phone for 27 years (dating back to the “brick” days).

  2. I bought my Huawei P9 Lite this past summer and although a longtime Samsung fan, I’m very satisfied. The Huawei guarantee I got was international while the Samsung 5 was only European.

  3. D O N ‘ T
    buy any SAMSUNG. Not only do they
    E X P L O D E

    China ‘s better !

    + W I K O + NOKIA are European !!!♡

  4. Really J. U. Costello.. Samsung had one mistake on Note 7… I have had nothing But Samsung all my life and I will stay with Samsung for the rest of my life.. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now and its works just fine, I haven’t had any problems, and still looks brand new.. I’ve had it since it came out.. Hope and Pray Samsung comes out with the Note 8..

  5. My iPhone 6 is a step backwards from my old iPhone 5s. It’s far more fragile than the 5s, three broken screens in three months.
    The only reason I stepped up was that the battery on my 5s was failing. Knowing what I know now, I would have opted for a new iPhone 5s.

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