14 Best Selling Smart Phones in the World

In the last few years, most innovations come from the world of smartphones. No wonder, it is a “must have” device without which life is virtually unthinkable.The tablet comes in handy, a laptop and desktop computer we need for any serious business, multimedia or entertainment activity.

But because of its size smartphones are somehow  optimal need. They are not the best choice, but are always with us and that is what is crucial. Among this year’s models, mainly dominates a strong hardware and big screen. 2016 and this year brought us many innovations, many great improvements of the smart phones so in the following paragraphs you will find out which are the best-selling smart phones in the world.


iphone 4s

iPhone 4s is the fourth generation of mobile phones by company Apple. This model is very well known for the market because it counts as the most selling iPhone . Available capacity of this phone is 16,32 and 65GB. What makes it significantly different from the previous generation of the form, phone lines were changed to rounded out straight so that the phone takes on a “boxy” look.



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13 thoughts on “14 Best Selling Smart Phones in the World”

  1. I can only endorse your comments. The S6 is the best phone I have ever owned, and I have been using a mobile phone for 27 years (dating back to the “brick” days).

  2. I bought my Huawei P9 Lite this past summer and although a longtime Samsung fan, I’m very satisfied. The Huawei guarantee I got was international while the Samsung 5 was only European.

  3. D O N ‘ T
    buy any SAMSUNG. Not only do they
    E X P L O D E

    China ‘s better !

    + W I K O + NOKIA are European !!!♡

  4. Really J. U. Costello.. Samsung had one mistake on Note 7… I have had nothing But Samsung all my life and I will stay with Samsung for the rest of my life.. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now and its works just fine, I haven’t had any problems, and still looks brand new.. I’ve had it since it came out.. Hope and Pray Samsung comes out with the Note 8..

  5. My iPhone 6 is a step backwards from my old iPhone 5s. It’s far more fragile than the 5s, three broken screens in three months.
    The only reason I stepped up was that the battery on my 5s was failing. Knowing what I know now, I would have opted for a new iPhone 5s.


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