13 Most Recent Ways to Prevent Cancer

Cancer or malignant (cancerous) growths (neoplasms, tumor) is a neoplasm which is inherent in uncontrolled cell division, in the ability of cells to penetrate the rest of the tissue, either by direct ingrowth (invasion) were migrating to distant areas of the body (metastasis). Cancer, as in any part of the body is developed, it can manifest itself in different ways.

For a definitive diagnosis usually requires microscopic analysis of tissue obtained by biopsy. Once diagnosed, treatment often consists of a surgical operation, chemotherapy and radiation.Every year in the world of cancer diagnosed over 10 million people. It is estimated that the world currently has about 23 million people who over the past 5 years have some form of cancer. The most common malignant tumors in women are the colon, cervical and breast tumor, and when it’s about male population usually it is cancer of the lung, prostate, and stomach. In the next couple of paragraphs you will read how to prevent cancer of various kinds:


eat healthy food

One of the most important ways to prevent  cancer  is to reduce your  nutrition. People who are being careful about their nutrition have less chance to get cancer. Firstly there is a risk of excessive fat , animal products because frying produces harmful substances which are dangerous Doctors are also recommending eating less sugar or to avoid it as much as possible , in coffee, beverages because it makes  the defense forces weak,takes away the vitamins C and B-group, and takes away calcium.